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We Are a Young & Creative
Video Production Company

Brisbane Video Co. is a collective of producers, designers, marketing and branding consultants with their roots deep in the world of filmmaking.  


Riding off the back of a run of successful projects and accolades - from viral Youtube series, through to internationally-acclaimed feature film, Creative Director Tristan Barr has demonstrated time again the understanding of what the market is looking for.


With the future of marketing sitting in the digital sector it is no surprise that 74% of internet traffic is taken by video, with this number set to significantly rise over the next few years.  


Brisbane Video Co. is equipped to assist businesses in moving forward with progressive video production, and the design and marketing campaigns that will allow each video to achieve optimum engagement propelling your brand deep into the market.

Contact us today for further information on what we can do for your business and its future in digital.


Writing and the conception of content is a key factor in our campaigns successes.  Having strategic thinking and collaboration with our award winning writers will ensure the best foundations. Our producers are experts in gathering resources in an effective and efficient manner significantly reducing overheads.

What We Do


Whether a single man job or a multi-camera, crewed, large scale production; we fit your needs and desired outcomes. Tristan's wealth of experience working on feature films & TV to corporate and advertising gives your company a fresh take on video content and strategy to engage.


Working with the very best post-production specialists we can cater the look, feel, and sound of your video to any budget. Wether a cinematically mastered score and colour grade or commercially vibrant and fresh, we work alongside you to best encapsulate your brands aesthetic

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